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Solid-state relay / contactor with load circuit monitoring

PH 9270

Auxiliary voltage

Load voltage

Load current

Semiconductor output


  • 0060018
  • PH9270.91/100 AC200-480V AC40A

Technical specifications

1-/2-/3-polig: 1-polig
On/Off Input Control: DC
Widths: 45 mm
Signalling output: +
Auxiliary voltage DC: 24 V
Type: PH 9270
Load voltage up to: AC 480 V
Load current up to: 40 A


  • AC solid-state relay /-contactor
  • With integrated load circuit monitoring
  • Settable load limit value
  • According to IEC/EN 60947-4-3
  • Load current 40 A, AC 51
  • Switching at zero crossing
  • 2 anti-parallel thyristors
  • DCB technology (direct bonding method) for excellent heat transmission properties
  • Two-colours LED status indicator
  • Touch protection IP20
  • PLC compatible alarm output (PNP; NPN on request)
  • As option closed circuit operation or open circuit operation
  • As option with optimized heat sink, for DIN rail mounting
  • Width 45 mm