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Insulation monitor RN 5897
Insulation monitoring for modern IT systems

The insulation monitor RN 5897 from the VARIMETER IMD series was developed especially for use with modern power supplies. These are often comprised of converters, thyristor regulators, and direct current components. Through EMV interference suppression measures, high leakage capacitance onto the ground is present. The RN 5897 is suited for system leakage capacitances of up to 1000 μF.

  • Universal use in ungrounded AC-, DC- and AC/DC networks
  • Preventive fire and plant protection
  • Easy to adjust parameters with a rotary dial and menu organization

Residual current monitor RN 5883
Reliably detect fault currents

The residual current monitor RN 5883 from the VARIMETER RCM family detects fault currents with DC or AC components in earthed networks (type B). Here, the differential current measurement is implemented via the ND 5015 external differential current transformer. The early detection of insulation faults increases in plant availability.

  • Simple adjustment via stepped rotary switches
    Broken wire detection in the measurement circuit
    4 measurement ranges (10 mA - 3 A)
    Adjustable pre-alarm

Smart motorstarter UG 9410
Soft start of motors with Modbus RTU

The smart motorstarter UG 9410 of the MINISTART series combines up to 7 functions in a space-saving compact enclosure of only 22.5 mm. The motorstarter is used for reliable soft start, soft stop, reversing and protection of 3-phase asynchronous motors and enables easy communication via the Modbus RTU interface. Whether retrofitting or original equipment, the device guarantees a low-wear and gentle start-up of your machines and systems and is suitable for demanding drive tasks.

  • Simple set-up, control and parameterization via Modbus RTU
  • Minimal wiring effort due to fieldbus connection
  • Extensive diagnostic options
  • Increasing the lifetime of plants

Input and output modules UG 9460 / UG 9461
Analog and digital – Input / output modules

Input and output modules are used to extend digital and analog inputs and outputs in switchgear when the available number of I/Os in a protection relay is not (any more) sufficient. They record either analog or binary signals from limit switches, push-buttons and sensors. They also control the activation of actuators, for example. In addition, the inputs can be read individually via the Modbus RTU interface and the output relays can be set individually.

  • Compact design of only 22.5 mm
  • UG 9460: 8 digital inputs, 4 relay outputs
  • UG 9461: 8 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 2 configurable measuring inputs

Measuring relays
VARIMETER series – now with UL-Listing

The measuring relays of the VARIMETER series monitor overvoltage, undervoltage, voltage range, phase asymmetry and phase sequence in 3-phase or single-phase systems. The measurement is very simple and without extensive wiring as there is no auxiliary power supply necessary. The monitoring functions are easily selectable using a single turn switch without complex menu structure. The early detection of up coming system downtimes through preventive maintenance avoid expensive damages. As user you profit from the reliability and availability of your plant.

  • Simple adjustment
  • UL-listed
  • Selectable monitoring functions
  • Preventive maintenance

Hybrid relay IK 3070/200
Hybrid relay – perfectly combined

The hybrid relay IK 3070/200 perfectly combines the advantages of robust relay technology with wear-resistant semiconductor technology. When switched on, the semiconductor first switches on at zero crossing of the AC voltage. A few milliseconds later, the relay contact takes over the continuous current and ensures low power dissipation. When switching off, the current is first transferred from the relay to the semiconductor, then it switches off at the current zero crossing point. In this way, surge voltages and currents in the load circuit are minimized and even the slightest electromagnetic interference is caused.

  • Long service life due to hybrid technology
  • Space-saving with a width of only 17.5 mm
  • For loads with very high inrush currents