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Smooth control of motors - IE3 ready

Smart Softstarter UG 9019 with a width of only 22.5 mm up to 4 kW

With the softstarter UG 9019 from the MINISTART series, DOLD offers a reliable softstart and softstop device with a width of only 22.5 mm. The slim, two phase controlled softstarter for the power range of up to 4 kW combines perfect starting and stopping characteristics with intelligent monitoring functions. In doing so, it allows both smooth control and simplified drive monitoring in a wide variety of application fields. Optional function possibilities offer additional advantages even for challenging applications.

With the UG 9019 DOLD has developed an intelligent version that makes assembly easy even in existing units by simply clipping on to the DIN rail. The device is also suitable for retrofitting due to its narrow construction type. Starting and deceleration time can be selected conveniently and continuously variable via rotary switches as a standard feature. The starting voltage can be individually adjusted and a relay output shows that the device is ready for operation.

The UG 9019 is optimally equipped with regard to monitoring and safety. Phase failure, phase sequence or overtemperature are recognised instantly and displayed by luminous diodes and indicator contacts. Versatile functionality, flexible adjusting possibilities and a compact construction type: Soft starting has never been this simple.

Advantages and customer benefits

  • Soft starting and deceleration
  • Continuously variable starting and minimised starting current
  • Simple device setting via rotary switches
  • Reduction of current peaks
  • Wear free switching
  • Increase of service life of motors
  • Suitable for IE1, IE2, and IE3 motors
  • Decrease of mechanical stress in the drive
  • Considerable saving of space compared with conventional starters