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132 38 Saltsjö-Boo
KU 4090

Distribution enclosure

KU 4090

  • KU4090

Technical specifications

Width: 105 mm
Height: 90 mm
Depth: 59 mm
Number of terminals max.: 32
Description: Isolierstoffgehäuse für Einbau in Verteilungen und Aufbaumontage, EIB-Anschluß
Enclosure type: KU 4090


  • Width 105 mm
  • Uo to 48 plus-minus-terminal screws with self raising terminal washers. Part insertion possible, avaliable with blanking plugs
  • Secure termination of max. 2 connection wires of differing cross section
  • Machine solderable connection pins, additional wire connection possible
  • Housing supplied as single parts, terminals prefitted in terminal blocks