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MK 5880N

Insulation monitor

MK 5880N


Auxiliary voltage

Alarm value

Terminal type

Prewarning value

Approvals and Markings


  • 0054044
  • MK5880N.12 AC50-400HZ 220-240V
Monitoring of insulation resistance of ungrounded voltage systems to earth MK 5880N/200 can... more

Product description

  • Monitoring of insulation resistance of ungrounded voltage systems to earth
  • MK 5880N/200 can also be used to monitor standby devices for earth
    fault, e. g. motor windings of devices that have to function in the case of emergency.
  • Other resistance monitoring applications

Technical specifications

Width: 22,5 mm
Response value: 5 - 100 kΩ
IMD type: AC
Nominal voltage IT system: AC 0 - 500 V
Auxiliary voltage: AC, DC
Enclosure design: Switch cabinet
Earth fault indicator: Yes
Response value type: Adjustable
Type: MK 5880N


  • According to IEC/EN 61 557-8
  • For single and 3-phase AC-systems up to 0 ... 500 V and 10 ... 1000 Hz
  • Monitors also disconnected voltage systems
  • Adjustable tripping value RALof 5 ... 100 kΩ
  • De-energized on trip
  • Auxiliary voltage, measuring circuit and output contacts are galvanically separated
  • Manual and auto reset
  • With test and reset button
  • Connections for external test and reset buttons possible
  • LED indicators for operation and alarm
  • 2 changeover contacts
  • MK 5880N/200 with additional prewarning
    - adjustable prewarning value 10 kΩ ... 5 MΩ
    - 1 output relay for alarm and 1 for pre-warning
  • MH 5880/500: similar to MK 5880N but with galvanic separated
    analogue output and 11 step LED chain for the actual insulation value
  • Wire connection: also 2 x 1.5 mm2 stranded ferruled, or
    2 x 2.5 mm2 solid DIN 46 228-1/-2/-3/-4
  • As option with pluggable terminal blocks for easy exchange of devices
    - with screw terminals
    - or with cage clamp terminals
  • MK 5880N: 22.5 mm width
    MH 5880: 45 mm width