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BH 9097

Motor Load Monitor

BH 9097


Nominal voltage

Auxiliary voltage

Nominal current max

Approvals and Markings


  • 0053943
  • BH9097.38 AC230V AC24A
The motor load monitor BH 9097 checks the active power consumption of electrical consumers. As... more

Product description

The motor load monitor BH 9097 checks the active power consumption of electrical consumers. As the measuring principle is only single phase correct measurement of 3-phase load is only possible when all three phases have the same load which is normal with motors. Using DIP-switches the unit can be set up to act as under- and overload relay P1min / P2 max. or as overload relay with pre-warning P1 max. /P2 max. The settings of P1 and P2 are absolute values and calibrated in Watts adjustable via rotational switches. 2 LEDs show the state of the corresponding output relays. The unit can be configured to energise or to de-energise on fault. Every output relay is fitted with it´s own time delay tv. A start-up delay ta acts on both outputs.

Technical specifications

Width: 45 mm
1- / 3-phase: 1, 3
Measuring range max.: 40 A (37 kW)
Operate delay: Yes
Auxiliary voltage: Without, AC, DC
Output contacts: 2 x 1 C/O contacts
Enclosure design: Switch cabinet
Type: BH 9097


  • According to IEC/EN 60255-1, IEC/EN 60255-26, DIN/VDE 0435-303
  • Identification of
    - Underload P1 and Overload P2
    - Overload P1 (prewarning) and Overload P2 programmable
  • Adjustment of P1 and P2 on absolute scale
  • For motors up to 22 kW / 400 V; 37 kW / 600 V
  • Measurement: effective power
  • Large current range because of automatic range selection
  • 1 changeover contact for P1 and 1 changeover contact for P2
  • Adjustable start-up delay ta
  • Adjustable switching delay tv
  • With automatic or manual reset, programmable
  • Test / Reset button for easy setup
  • Up to 40 A without external current transformer
  • De-energized or energized on fault, programmable
  • Also for single-phase operation
  • LED indicators
  • Width 45 mm