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IL 9059

Phase Sequence Module

IL 9059


Nominal voltage

Approvals and Markings


  • 0062239
  • IL9059.11 3AC380-690V 40-80Hz
In many application with pumps, conveyors and fans efficient monitoring systems should help to... more

Product description

In many application with pumps, conveyors and fans efficient monitoring systems should help to detect failures and misfunctions in time, to avoid damage and long times of non-operation. Besides speed and frequency the monitoring of phase sequence is very important. The phase sequence relay with it's wide voltage range of 3AC380-690V detects a wrong phase sequence and signals via a galvanically separated relay contact the wrong rotation of a motor. By integrating the relay output into the enabling circuit of a plant, the unit disables the start of the plant in the case of wrong phase  sequence. Especially portable equipment can be protected in this way.

Technical specifications

Measuring range max.: 690 V
Standard measuring range: AC 380 - 690 V
1- / 3-phase: 3
Output contacts: 1 C/O contact
Width: 35 mm
Enclosure design: Distribution board
Type: IL 9059


  • Protects mobile equipment against damage or destruction coming from wrong phase sequence
  • OA 9059: reduced wiring by mounting directly in the motor connection box


  • According to IEC/EN 60255-1
  • Detection of incorrect phase sequence
  • No separately auxiliary voltage necessary
  • Nominal voltage range 3 AC 380 ... 690 V
  • Suitable for operation with inverters (f = 40 ... 80 Hz)
  • Relay output:
    - IL/SL 9059: 1 changeover contact
    - OA 9059: 1 NC contact
  • Extended temperature range
  • Devices available in 3 enclosure versions:
    IL 9059: depth 59 mm, with terminals at the bottom for
    installation systems and industrial distribution systems according to DIN 43 880
    SL 9059: depth 98 mm, with terminals at the top
    for cabinets with mounting plate and cable duct
  • OA 9059: sealed modul with stranded wire connection
    suitable for mounting in terminal box
  • Width
    - IL/SL 9059: 35 mm
    - OA 9059: 62 mm