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UG 9410

Smart motorstarter, for Modbus

UG 9410

Nominal voltage

Ramp time

Nominal current

Terminal type


  • 0067521
  • UG9410PM 3AC200-480V 5A 0-10S
The smart motorstarter UG 9410 can be used for softstart, softstop, reversing and protecting 3... more

Product description

The smart motorstarter UG 9410 can be used for softstart, softstop, reversing and protecting 3 phase asynchronous motors. By measuring the line current a thermal model is used to calculate the motor temperature, and in the case of overtemperature the motor is disconnected. In addition also a thermo switch can be used. The reversing is done via relays. The relays are switched without current flow, this provides long service life.

Technical specifications

Width: 22,5 mm
1- / 3-phase: 3
Auxiliary voltage: DC 24 V
Load voltage up to: 3AC 200 - 480 V
Load current up to: 5 A
Bus interface: Modbus RTU
Temperature monitoring: Yes
Type: UG 9410


  • Widely used measuring and automation protocol
  • Up to 7 functions in one device
    - Reversing anticlockwise,
    - Reversing clockwise
    - Softstart
    - Softstop
    - Motor protection
    - Phase sequence monitoring
    - Phase failure monitoring
  • 80 % less space
  • Simple and time-saving commissioning as well as user-friendly
  • Operation through parameterization via modbus
  • Hybrid relay combines benefits of relay technology with non-wearing semiconductor technology
  • High availablility by
    - Temperature monitoring of semiconductors
    - High withstand voltage up to 1500 V
    - Load free relay reversing function
    - Device overload
  • Pluggable clamps
  • TWIN- connection terminals to loop auxiliary supply and Bus


  • According to IEC/EN 60947-4-2
  • Modbus RTU-interface
  • To reverse 3 phase motors up to 0.18 kW ... 2.2 kW at 400 V
  • 2-phase softstart, softstop
  • 3 potentiometer for setting the modbus adress and baud rate
  • 5 LEDs for status indication
  • Reversing with relays without current, softstart, softstop with thyristor
  • Galvanic separation between control circuit and power circuit
  • Width: 22.5 mm