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UH 6900 GR

Radio controlled safety module (Group receiver)

UH 6900 GR


Nominal voltage

Terminal type

Frequency band

Approvals and Markings


  • 0067957
  • UH6900.03PS/00GR0 DC24V 433-434MHz
The radio controlled safety module UH 6900 in group mode is an innovative wireless safety system... more

Product description

The radio controlled safety module UH 6900 in group mode is an innovative wireless safety system to protect man and machine. A feature of the wireless safety system is its safety-oriented uni-directional radio transmission for transmitting signals between one wireless safety module as group control device and one ore more group receivers so that the two separate safety devices, each of them installed on a different machine part that is not connected to the other by wires (for example, moving machine parts), work together as one system.

Therefore SAFEMASTER W radio controlled safety modules are intended for the wireless remote control of machines and plant parts that used to be controlled by cable. Their usage is only restricted by valid safety instructions that prohibit, for example, staying under suspended loads.

The radio controlled safety module UH 6900 group receiver always works together with a UH 6900 group control device. The safety related output contacts are either controlled via radio from the group controller or by local e-stop systems.

Typical applications are:
• Hazard areas where protective equipment is necessary for the safety of persons but where wiring is impossible or not reasonable, for example in applications with extremely wide-spread, extensive hazard zones;
• Mobile and stationary plants and equipment, for example large machines, assembly halls and scaffolds, conveyor belts, high-rack warehouses, warehouses, forklifts, etc.
• The radio transmission range is up to 800 m

Technical specifications

Width: 45 mm
Cat. / PL acc. to EN ISO 13849-1: 4/e
SIL CL acc. to IEC/EN 62061: 3
SIL acc. to IEC/EN 61508: 3
SIL acc. to IEC/EN 61511: 3
Frequency band: 433 / 434, 869 MHz
2-channel safety inputs max.: 3
Safety outputs: 2 NO contacts, 3 NO contacts
Semiconductor outputs max.: 8
Semiconductor inputs max.: 8
Connection: Pluggable screw terminals, Pluggable cage clamp terminals, Pluggable cage clamp terminals 2-wire
Type: UH 6900 GR


  • Higher safety in dangerous areas
  • More efficiency and economy by wireless communication
  • Compact, easy to install devices
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Removable terminal blocks
  • Adjustable functions via rotary switch:
    - Cross-operation with different start modes (two-hand type IIIA and/or manual start, auto start)
  • Valid for all operating modes:
    - Start function via radio with or without detection of an additional start signal at the IIR input.
  • Frequency range 433 MHz or 869 MHz (license-free radio frequencies)
  • Radio channel, transmitter power, and module name can be set by means of a parameterization software
  • Status indicator for the devices connected via radio, by means of the parameterization software including status of radio transmission quality


  • According to
    - Performance Level (PL) e and category 4 to EN ISO 13849-1
    - SIL Claimed Level (SIL CL) 3 to IEC/EN 62061
    - Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 to IEC/EN 61508 and IEC/EN 61511
  • Machine directive 2006/42/EG
  • DIN EN 574: Safety of machinery - Two-hand control devices -
  • DIN EN 300 220: Electromagnetic compatibility and Radio spectrum Matters (ERM) - Short Range Devices (SRD) - Radio equipment to be used in the 25 MHz to 1000 MHz frequency range with power levels ranging up to 500 mW
  • Depending on the operating mode, to connect:
    - E-stop push-button (2-channel), safety gate, LC (non-contact safety system, for example light curtain) of the type 4 in accordance with EN 61 496 or the two-hand type IIIA in accordance with DIN EN 574.
    - 1 start button
    - Changeover switch (2-channel) to indicate radio use in the Safety operation with optional radio control operating mode
  • For receiving via radio:
    - Safety shut-down commands
  • For two-way communication via radio:
    - Signals from 8 non-safety-relevant DC 24 V inputs at 8 non-safetyrelevant DC 24 V semiconductor outputs
  • Broken wire and short circuit monitoring function with error indication
  • Semiconductor output to indicate poor or missing radio control
  • 2 semiconductor outputs for status indication
  • LEDs to indicate
    - status of module
    - status of all inputs and outputs
    - the radio transmission and its quality
  • Width: 45 mm